Garden Ministries

We have 2 community gardens on our property. Each serves a different purpose. Our Jubilee Garden (on the front of our property) is for anyone who is interested in tending to their own plot. While sometimes the excess food does go to help feed our community, it is also a way that members of both our church and the broader community can cultivate a spiritual practice and join in fellowship. Our other garden is called the Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) Learning Garden. It is located on the back half of our property, behind the church and next to the Glass House.  This garden is tended to by 2 staff of the Tarrant Area Food Bank who staff out of our facility, Americorp members, and other volunteers. It is a garden which specifically yields crops for those in our community experiencing hunger. Scroll down to learn more about each of these gardens and how you can get involved. 

More Information about our Jubilee Garden

Why Adopt a Plot in the Community Garden

  • To care for & appreciate God's wonderful creation
  • To foster Community Spirit & Cooperation
  • To help provide fresh produce for yourself, your neighbors, & those who are hungry in our own community
  • To be an advocate for fair, safe, & healthy food available to all regardless of race, class, or economic standing. 

How to Get Started

  • Adopt a 4'x8' garden plot for $30 per year. Each plot is prepared with great soil & irrigation.
  • Choose your plants & start with your own garden. We have a guide to help you know the best things to plant, as well as the right time to plant them. 
  • Tend your plot each week by pulling weeks and collect your fresh produce as it is ripe.
  • We always encourage you to share any extras with your neighbors, friends, and the Tarrant Area Food Bank. We take collections for TAFB each week. 
  • Gardeners often gather together for a work day on Thursday evenings.
  • If you are interested in a plot, contact or call (817) 738-0612.